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The Fremont and Phinney areas of Seattle are north of downtown and the Lake Washington Ship Canal along the Fremont Cut. Fremont is named after Fremont, Nebraska, the home of two of its founders. This area connects to the Queen Anne Hill area via the Aurora Bridge.

The counterculture influence on the Fremont area is evident in its statuary. One resident took out a loan on his home to purchase a statue of Lenin and place it in the area. Another dramatic sculpture is the Fremont Troll crushing a Volkswagen Beetle. The street has even been renamed Troll Avenue. The area has gentrified and mellowed over the years however.

The residents of Fremont are quite active, and describe their neighborhood with various slogans, such as “The Peoples Republic of Fremont” and “The Center of the Universe.” Don’t think it’s all activism though, as major employers in the Fremont area include Adobe Systems, BEA Systems and Getty Images. In 2006 Google also opened offices in Fremont.

Homes in the Fremont and Phinney areas tend to be in the $400,000’s to the $600,000’s. Condiminium units are at the lower end of that range, with more single family homes at the upper end. Homes bordering Woodland Park will also command a higher price


The Fremont to downtown commute is approximately 5 miles, but could take 30 minutes during rush hour. To avoid the wait, there are several bus lines that connect Fremont with downtown.


School District: Seattle Public Schools

Schools: Public schools for Fremont include Daniel Bagley Elementary, B.F. Day Elementary, Greenwood & West Woodland Elementaries, Hamilton International & Whitman Middle Schools and Ballard High School. Private schools in the area include:

  • Pacific Crest School

  • St. Alphonsus School


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